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Car tint in winter: what you need to know

During the winter months, many Atlanta-area car owners may wonder if car tinting is necessary or even beneficial. The truth is, car tinting still offers numerous advantages in the colder season. At BB Tinting, a local tint shop in Atlanta, we understand the importance of maintaining a comfortable and protected driving experience all year round, which is why we continue to provide top-quality car tinting services in Atlanta. Learn more below, and get a free quote today.


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One aspect of car tinting that doesn’t change in winter is its ability to block harmful UV rays. While the sun may not feel as intense during the colder months, UV rays can still penetrate your car’s windows and cause damage to your skin and interior. Our high-quality window films effectively block up to 99% of UV rays, providing essential protection for you and your passengers.


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Another significant advantage of car tinting in winter is improved temperature regulation. Although the outside temperature may be colder, tinted windows help trap the warmth inside your vehicle, creating a cozier and more comfortable environment.


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Car tinting also helps reduce glare, which is still an issue even in winter. The low-angle winter sun and reflections from snow and ice can create blinding glares that impair your vision while driving. Our quality window films significantly reduce glare, improving visibility and enhancing driving safety, no matter the season.


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In addition to the aforementioned benefits, car tinting offers increased privacy and security. Tinted windows add an extra layer of protection by making it harder for potential thieves to see into your vehicle. Similarly, they provide a shield against prying eyes and help keep your personal belongings out of sight.

Pricing Packages


Two front door Specials starting at $100
Full Car tint starting at $200


Windshield Specials starting $150-$180
Full Car tint starting at $350


Windshield Specials starting at $200-$250
Full Car tint starting at $500

At BB Tinting, our team of experienced professionals specializes in providing superior car tinting services. Contact BB Tinting today to schedule an appointment and enjoy the numerous benefits that tinted windows can provide, no matter the time of year.
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